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Everything in here is updated infrequently and usually posted either when I'm bored or feel a sudden spark of creativity that won't go away.

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So I made a new account.

And for some reason I feel like I need to say why I made my new account.

So the reason is...

I needed a new start. I needed something that wasn't tied to Invader Zim or any of my old fandoms. And I needed something that wasn't tied to the events that happened to me over the summer.

I think I posted a journal about a man touching me inappropriately, so I'm not going to go further. I'm just going to say that it's tied to the summer events and you can read more about it on my Tumblr, thetroublesomefoxwithissues.

So yes, these are the main reasons why I had to make a new account. They may seem like poor excuses to some, but they're still my reasons.


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United States
About me:

Fandoms: Invader Zim, Sonic the Hedgehog, Soul Eater, Psychonauts, JTHM, EarthBound/Mother series, Detective Conan

Old Fandoms: Naruto, Roruni.... er... Kenshin.... Yu-Gi-Oh! (NOT THAT AWFUL 4KIDS SHIT EITHER!!), Fullmetal Alchemist, Bully

Loves: Fluffy fics, Quoting Gir, Zoning out

Favorite Couples: RoyEd, Puzzleshipping(Yami/Yuugi), PRaZR, SaZR, SaKR, RaZR, RaPR, Jimmy x Petey, Gary x Petey, Constantinos x Petey, Gary x Christy, Gary x Kirby, Trent x Kirby, Style, Cured, Vampired, Soul x Maka, Kid x Chrona, Stein x Marie, Stein x Medusa, Shadow x Tails Doll (Eh, I've lived a good life), Shadow x Silver, Dart x Raz, Dart x Benny, Ness x Pokey (onesided is best xP), Ness x Paula, Ness x Steak (YOU KNOW IT'S CANON!), Jeff x Tony, Lucas x Omelet (also canon), Ness x Lucas (it's cute, shoot me), Duster x Kuma (I'm sticking with her nickname damnit), ShinEi, ShinShi, ConanAi, KaiShi

Favorite CrossCouples: Zim x Kisshu, Nny x Rudy, Edgar x Sasha, Shinichi x Raz, Red Goth x Dib, Ratchet x Sonic, Kaito x Claus

Most hated couples: EdxAnybody else (ESPECIALLY EITHER OF HIS BROTHERS DX) YuugixTea (She doesn't DESERVE a Japanese name.), DibxTak, ZaDr (Too popular now), ANY OC PAIRED WITH A MAIN CHARACTER!!!

Hated other..... things...: MARYSUES AND TWILIGHT!!

Stuff about me:

Age: 20
Muse to: Nghh
Is Usually: Annoying Nghh with slow updates, and never getting off my lazy bum to type any (mostly Zadr, CuRed, and Bully, but some RoyEd and Style) fanfiction.
Is: Closest thing on Earth to a disfunctional SIR unit. c:

Wanna chat? Check here:…


Current Residence: A college dorm in the middle of the tundra
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Sonic Music
Favourite photographer: My mom
Favourite cartoon character: Currently, Claus has soared to the top with Lucas, Ness, and Raz below him
Personal Quote: "I inhaled a bunched of water in the shower, but I'm fine now."

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unt gerne anniversaire el senior, god im good at chinese
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Hello. Sorry, I've been mostly on Tumblr. Iunno dA has... I can't really describe it... I'll note you.
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PK-Ness Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012   Writer
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