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October 17, 2010
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Tender Sugar: Chapter 4

"I hate you."

Red smirked, brushing an antenna against one of his sulking partner's. "Aw, come on Pur. You STILL sore about last night?"

The purple clad leader growled in annoyance, jerking his antennae out of the other's reach. After their fun with Zim, Red had used what Purple had taught him to make the smug Irken chirp. This, of course, was NOT something Purple had wanted and he was now refusing to give or receive any and all affection from Red.

Red, however, wasn't giving up and leaned closer to Purple, enjoying his victory to the fullest. "Come on, Pur," he purred softly. "You know you liked it."

Purple pushed Red's face away, swinging himself out of their bed. "I'm hungry. Let's go get Zim to make us doughnuts."

Red sighed, deciding to allow his fellow Tallest to pout like a Smeet if he wanted to. "Very well. Let's go see Zim."

However, when the two reached the defect's room, the bed was empty, with no Zim in sight. Red scowled and grabbed a passing worker drone, spinning her around to face him. "Where's Zim?"

"I-In the kitchen, sirs! Asked not to be disturbed, sirs!"

Red released the worker and glanced at Purple, who merely shrugged. "Well, he IS doing his job…"

"Then we'll leave him be for the moment," Red stated, floating off with Purple at his heel. "Since we're up and about I guess we might as well check on the Invaders. Get it out of the way, you know?"

"Can we have another party afterwards? Oo! Let's have cupcakes this time! Not as great as doughnuts, but I'm in the mood for 'em!"

"Very well, we can have cupcakes." Red smirked and grabbed Purple's wrist, staring intently into the others eyes. "But first admit you had fun last night."

Purple pouted, a slight blush tinting his cheeks. "Fine, I liked it. Happy now?"

"Why yes. Yes I am."

Red released his grip on his partner and continued to the main control room. Purple followed, now floating at the red clad Tallest's side.

No sooner had they entered the room when a steady beeping filled the air. "Incoming transmission from Earth."

"Earth?" Red scowled, his antennae lowering. "But Zim's with us."

"Maybe it's his SIR unit?" Purple offered, settling into his seat. "The thing does have a habit of calling us every now and then…"

"Only one way to find out," Red stated, waving a hand to signal the workers to put the caller on. The screen fizzled, and then turned on to reveal a large headed human with large glasses.

The boy looked oddly familiar. Red quirked an antenna in curiosity, his pak sorting through his memories to find out where he'd seen this boy before as he spoke up. "Who are you and what are you doing in Zim's base?"

"His evil robot minion let me in. Now where's Zim?"

The human's golden eyes narrowed behind his glasses, his voice laced with rage. Now Red remembered this human. It was the boy who had called them after Sizz Lorr had captured Zim and kept him on Foodcourtia for three whole days. How long ago had that been? Well, Red really didn't care.

The red Tallest sighed, growing bored with the boy on the screen already. "Relax, pathetic Earthinoid. Zim's no longer a threat to your planet."

"Where is he!?" the human snapped, glaring at the Irken leaders. Red felt an antennae twitch in annoyance, fists clenching at the command.

"We reassigned him, human," Red growled, forcing himself to stay calm. Something about this human was not sitting right with his squeedilyspooch. There was something in his eyes, the way he seemed so determined to find out where the little defect was…

Dare he say, Red suddenly felt… possessive. And judging by how quiet Purple had been during the entire exchange, he felt the same way.

"What do you mean 'reassigned him'?"

"Look, I'm not going into detail with a LESSER being, but I will tell you Irkens are assigned parts in the Irken community. Zim has been reassigned to be OUR personal servant."

"Why the hell would you reassign him!?" the human yelled loudly. "Zim's a GREAT Invader-"

"Zim was a HORRIBLE Invader," Red corrected, unable to hold back a hiss of anger. Did this human honestly not understand he was talking to a powerful extraterrestrial being here!? A being that could snuff his existence out with a snap of his fingers!?
Did this pathetic creature even know Zim!?

"You're wrong! I've been fighting him for 7 whole years and not once has he made it easy for me to stop him! He's MY enemy and I'm not losing him to the likes of YOU!"

It was then Red realized why the human was so determined to find Zim, even if the boy didn't realize it himself.

The human loved Zim.

Love was a foreign concept to most, if not all, Irkens. It wasn't needed and highly discouraged. Of course, being Tallest, Red had made exceptions for himself and Purple, but there was no way they were going public.

The possessive feeling grew stronger.

"Will all workers please leave us to talk to our… guest alone?"

The workers all looked at each other, the fake calm in Red's voice even more terrifying than Purple's threats about the airlock. As one mass the lower Irkens fled the room, leaving the Tallest alone with the human.

Red inhaled deeply, though it did nothing to calm his growing anger. "Zim is not yours, you pathetic creature."

"He's MY enemy!" the boy snarled, gritting his teeth in rage. "He's been my enemy for SEVEN WHOLE YEARS! You haven't even cared about him!"

"He's been a member of the Irken Empire for 169 years, HUMAN. And since we're leaders of said Empire, it is OUR CHOICE if we want him back after a 7 year exile."

Confusion silenced the human, his mouth opening and closing as his mind sought out words. Red couldn't help the smug grin taking over his face. Maybe the boy would leave now? One could only hope.

Sadly though, hoping wasn't enough. The boy's eyes narrowed again as he returned to his mood of earlier. "I don't fucking care. Send him back NOW."

Red hissed, antennae flat against his head. "Listen you disgusting-"


The red clad Tallest glanced at Purple, antennae still low in anger. "What!?"

Slowly his partner grinned, floating to the communications controls and shutting off the visual and audio feeds from Zim's base to the Massive. "Arguing with such a lower life form is pointless. Why not SHOW him our ownership of Zim?"

Red quirked a questioning antenna before returning Purple's grin. "He can still see and hear us."

"Shall we send for Zim?"

"Why yes. I believe we shall."


Zim took his sweet time walking to the main control room of the Massive, his grip on his tray of snacks so tight that his gloved hands were trembling.

After last night, Zim had come to the conclusion that his Tallest had completely lost it. They'd broken so many taboos; antennae touching, pak play, hell, touching an Irken Invader without permission!

One thing was for certain though, and that was that Zim did NOT want to see his Tallest again. Just thinking about them was wreaking havoc on his mind and emotions. Every time his thoughts returned to the events of last night, his cheeks would become blazing hot and his squeedilyspooch tied itself in knots to the point where he wanted to curl up in a corner and cease to exist. No matter how hard he tried to come up with a reason for Red and Purple's actions, nothing would present itself. The taller Irkens going crazy was the only solution!

Much too soon, Zim reached his destination, freezing in his tracks and staring at the door. Every cable in his pak was telling him to turn around and go back. But what if doing that resulted in a repeat of last night? The small defect shuddered, a frightened purr starting up in the back of his throat as his squeedilyspooch churned. No, he had to go in. The punishment of not going in would be much worse.

Inhaling deeply and steeling his nerves, Zim opened the door and marched in. "Zim has come at your request with food!"

"Set it on the table," Red instructed. Zim couldn't help but lift an antenna at the tone. Red almost sounded like he was biting back anger. But what could he possibly be angry about?

Zim squeaked in terror, his antennae lying flat against his skull. Had he taken too long in coming? Would they punish him?

"Hurry up Zim!" Purple snapped impatiently, eyes glued to the plate of snacks. "I'm hungry!"

"S-Sorry!" Zim hurriedly ran up to his Tallest before stopping in his tracks, staring at the table. "Um, sirs?"

"Yes Zim?" Red stated, his tone still somewhat irritated.

"Why is the table to the side instead of between you? In fact, why are your chairs pushed together?"

"Set the food on the table, Zim," Red demanded, glaring at the defect. Zim gulped and did so, turning to leave. It was obvious his Tallest were in a bad mood. Perhaps it would be wise to leave them alone.

"We didn't say you could leave."

Zim froze in his tracks, slowly turning to face Red. The taller Irken was grinning now, a similar grin to the one he had given Zim last night…

The smaller Irken fought back a shiver. "D-Do you need anything else, sirs?"

"Come here, Zim," Purple purred, a smirk following his words. Zim bit his lip and stepped back slightly, averting his gaze. His squeedilyspooch was twisting violently in his belly now, his cheeks starting to burn. He didn't like how his Tallest were looking at him. It was too much like last night…

"We gave you a direct order, ZIM," Red growled, making the small Irken cringe. "Unless you wish to be punished, you will OBEY it."

Zim whimpered, slowly approaching his leaders. Once he was in front of them he froze, waiting for further instructions.

"Good Zim," Red cooed, patting the space between himself and Purple. "Now sit down. You look EXHAUSTED."

"B-But the chairs are exclusively for the Tallest, sir! Only Tallest are allowed to sit in them-"

"Sit down, ZIM."

Zim practically leapt into the space between his Tallest, unable to contain his nervous purr. The taller Irkens were staring at him, both sharing smirks.

"Was that so hard?" Purple asked, snaking an arm around the defect's shoulder. Zim shuddered and shook his head, his purr increasing. Purple was breaking taboos again! Why wasn't Red doing anything!?

"Good," the Irken in question murmured, wrapping an arm around Zim's waist. Zim paled, his eyes growing wide. They were BOTH breaking taboos! They really had gone insane! Trembling in horror, Zim looked over at Red just in time to see the taller Irken scowl. Maybe he was realizing what he was doing was wrong?

"You're thinner than I thought."

"He is?" Purple asked, mouth full of something. Zim gulped and looked down, clamping his eyes shut and trying to think of anything but the current situation.

"Yes. He is."

A sharp gasp escaped Zim's lips as the hand on his waist started tracing his ribs through the fabric of his uniform, bringing a chill to the defect's spine. "Zim, when was the last time you ate?"

"And don't lie to us, Zim! We'll throw you out of the air lock if you lie to us!"

"Again with the air locks, Pur?"

"What? It's fun watching them float around in space, struggling to breath! Now answer Red's question Zim!"

"Z-Zim is fine! Really! Zim doesn't need to eat to survive since he has his pak! Eating is a pleasure, not a necessity!"

"How long, ZIM?" Red's grip tightened, putting pressure on Zim's ribs and making the small Irken whine in discomfort. "Despite being able to survive drastically long periods of time without food, you can still starve. Now tell us. How long has it been since you had a decent meal?"

"S-Six years!" Zim yelped, biting his lip. The two Tallest remained silent, the grip on Zim's ribs lessening. "Z-Zim's perfectly fine. R-Really-"

"But you can cook?"

"Zim just started cooking this month, sir," Zim explained, wringing his hands together. "And Zim doesn't get much time to eat or sleep since the Dib could attack at any minute."

Silence. Slowly Red continued, tone dangerously neutral. "Weren't you freaking out about some kind of food when you called though? I believe it was 'waffles'?"

"And Chinese food," Purple added, mouth still full of food. Zim's squeedilyspooch grumbled, the smaller Irken tensing and curling up slightly.

"Eating is a pleasure. Zim can't afford to waste time with pleasures when-"

"Quit speaking like you still have a mission, Zim," Red interrupted, his grip tightening slightly. "Your only mission is to be our servant. And our servants do NOT starve themselves or deprive themselves of sleep. Understand?"

Zim nodded, keeping his gaze averted. The hand on his ribs was lowered to his waist again, one of its slender fingers tracing circles on his side. "Purple, give Zim the plate of waffles."

The defect cringed, antennae lowering as much as they could. "B-But those are your snacks, sir!"

"Shut up and eat the waffles, Zim!" Purple hissed, placing the plate in Zim's lap. The smaller gulped and hurriedly took one of the pastries in his hands, taking a small bite. He'd only eat one. These were for his Tallest, not him. He'd only eat one…

To his horror though once the first waffle was gone he grabbed another, eating this one faster than he had the other. And in seconds the entire plate was empty, the only proof that there had once been waffles on it being small crumbs floating in the syrup. Zim gulped and hurriedly shoved the plate away, wincing as it shattered on the floor. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to eat your snacks! Honest-"

Something sweet was shoved into his mouth, effectively silencing him. "Here. Your doughnuts are wonderful," Purple purred. He gently took Zim's wrists, frowning slightly before prying them off. "These things are falling apart. There's HOLES in the fingertips!"

"We need to get him a new uniform anyway," Red replied, his hand still stroking Zim's side. "He's not an Invader, so he needs a uniform more suited to his work. Oh, set the tray of food in Zim's lap. I want some food before you devour it all!"

"There's still plenty left!" Purple complained, nevertheless doing as Red said. Zim stared at the food before timidly grabbing a cupcake, glancing briefly at each Tallest before digging in.

"Thank you, Pur." Red grabbed a doughnut and sank his teeth into it, a pleased purr forming in the back of his throat. "Eat as much as you want, Zim. You made it."

"Th-Thank you," Zim mumbled, allowing himself to relax a bit. Actually, this wasn't so bad. True it felt weird sitting with his Tallest and sharing snacks, but at least they weren't really doing anything, right?

Something was placed in his antennae and the small defect shuddered, choking on the doughnut he'd just bitten into.

"Purple, what on Irk are you doing?"

"Dressing him up."


"Hey, doughnuts are great! And they make everything better!"

"You're getting powdered sugar all over his antennae." Suddenly Red grinned, bending down and running his tongue along Zim's other antenna. The small Irken trembled and pulled back slightly, purring in discomfort.

Purple chuckled, taking his doughnuts off Zim's antenna before repeating Red's actions to it. Zim whined and squirmed, his purr morphing into one of pleasure despite himself.

Zim wasn't the only one to notice the change. Red purred smugly, teasingly lapping at the poor antenna with the tip of his tongue. "You like this don't you?"

Zim shivered, unable to stop himself from nodding. Even though his pak was screaming that this was wrong, that it was a forbidden taboo, he didn't want his Tallest to stop. The realization was both exciting and terrifying, like his first Voot Cruiser drive or his first training session, and he wanted more, he wanted them to continue and possibly go farther-

There was a knock on the door and both Tallest pulled away, Purple returning the snacks to the table as Red pushed Zim off the chairs and onto the floor. "Enter!"

A worker peeked his head in, antennae lowered in submission. "Is everything alright sirs?"

"Yes. Everything is just fine. Zim was just returning to the kitchen to make us some more food. Right ZIM?"

Zim hurriedly picked himself up and nodded, running out of the room and past the group of confused workers huddled outside the door. Only once he was back in the kitchen did the defect allow himself to collapse against the door, his mind racing in confusion as his now wet antennae quivered against his head.
FINALLY! Vex has posted the fourth chapter!

Ok, just a reminder THERE WILL BE NO SEX. Just thought I'd say it again. But there will be other things...

:iconcrazyevilangel: owns the doughnut idea. I came up with the rest. x3

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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